Scholarships & Fees

EMJM PROMISE offers very attractive scholarship opportunities to allow all students with an outstanding academic background to join our programme. Applications to the PROMISE program and for Erasmus Mundus scholarships are completed simultaneously in a single online application.

This year there are two types of scholarships:

  1. Full scholarships (tuition fees + 1400 €/month) are awarded to the best students in the ranking and a full-time enrolment in the master course and covers the entire duration of the master’s (24 months).
  2. Tuition fee scholarship for selected students that are next in the ranking (only tuition fees are covered 13000€/No-EU or 6500€/EU), there is no allowance and students must meet the financing requirements for residence permit application, including:  
  • You must have 6,720 euros in your bank account when you submit the application.
  • You must have 560 euros per month at your disposal.

All students receive comprehensive insurance (with the Eramus+ requirements) from the PROMISE consortium.

Required literature, accommodation, travel costs, visa application or residence permit. living expenses, personal computers, mobility, student union and local social security and other study-related costs are NOT included as scholarship holders can cover these expenses with this comprehensive scholarship.

Presence at the respective hosting university is required without exception.