The driver for the EMJM PROMISE

The Erasmus Mundus Joint Master in Sustainable Mineral and Metal Processing Engineering-EMJM PROMISE is being established due to the awareness of increasing demands in the quantity and diversity of minerals, metals, and materials as we move towards renewable energy, electromobility, digital communication and other clean-energy technologies.

PROMISE is the consortium involving the cooperation between four leading universities in mineral processing and mining engineering: University of Oulu from Finland (UOULU), University of Zagreb from Croatia (UNIZG), Montanuniversität Leoben from Austria (MUL) and Universidad Federico Santa Maria from Chile (USM).

Recent News

  • 27 students: The second cohort is complete and started to prepare their journey

    Scholarships have been accepted by 21 of our applicants. We are happy that 6 more with high ranking decided to take part as self-funded students. Our second cohort already secured their study rights in Finland, which is one requirement to Read More …

  • Evaluation results from application for the 2nd cohort

    All valid applications have been evaluated. The rankings in the tables below comprise several criteria. As the consortium needs to consider some other criteria as well in selecting the scholarship holders, a high ranking does not necessarily result in offering Read More …

  • Induction day for our first cohort

    September 5th saw the induction day for our first students. Representatives of the four universities in the consortium met with them in Oulu and sent them off into the first semester of their master program. 21 students from 13 countries Read More …

  • Evaluation Results 2022

    The file ID in the following tables is the last three digits in the file# from the eMundus platform. It is unique for each applicant. For example: for “N° 2022031016131100000010000139” you would look for 139. Offered scholarships The following applicants Read More …

  • Evaluation of the first intake completed

    After assessment of the sent applications, the consortium has made its choice. Click here for the results…

  • Evaluation of the first applications has started

    The application period being over, assessment of the submitted applications for our first academic year has commenced. Thank you for your interest in PROMISE and stay tuned!

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