What information should I give in the References?

You must provide contact details of a maximum of two academic people and please specify in what capacity the referee has interacted with you, e.g., working/teaching/tutoring/training, and for how long. Please advise them that we may contact them, so make sure they are aware of and/or agree to be contacted.

Your references can be the same people/person who provides you with a Recommendation letter(s).

I have both bachelor’s and master’s degrees (engineering), can I upload both?

A bachelor’s degree is a must, the master’s is up to you. If you want to, you can merge both degrees’ certificates in one pdf file, the same rule is applied to transcripts.

You still must fill out all sections using your bachelor’s degree’s information (name of the university, name of degree, /final result).

Can I send my application by email/post?

No. All applications must be submitted through our online Application Portal. Applications submitted via any other means will not be processed.

For the English proficiency requirement, is it sufficient that I have completed my bachelor’s in English?

Only if you have graduated in the eligible countries listed in the application requirements.

The general language of education in my country is English. Is that sufficient?

No. You still need to provide one of the listed certificates.

What is the time of validity of the English certificate that could be considered in the admission?

Most of the International English tests have a validity of two years. Exceptionally, English tests validity within 2 years and 6 months will be considered (only for those certificates mentioned in the requirements).

I have a different certificate to prove my English proficiency. Could I apply?

No. Please read carefully the Admission Requirements. Evaluation is made by the Admission Committee and students must have the requirements of language published in that section.

I don’t have the English language certificates required. Could I apply?

No. You need to present one from the list. If time is short, check the accepted certificates for online versions, as they might provide your test result considerably faster. Consider also applying for the next academic year.

Please note that we must always be able to verify the test result from the test organisation’s database.

I will graduate soon but for the moment I don’t have the bachelor’s degree certificate yet. What do I upload for the University Diploma?

No, you must be graduated and upload your diploma at the time of the application.

What are the restrictions if I am an Erasmus scholarship holder?

You cannot apply for an Erasmus Mundus scholarship if you had one already. However, you can apply as a self-funded student.

Both with a scholarship and as self-funded, you may receive any other (additional) financial support as long as it is not funded by the Erasmus Programme or EU (e.g., government scholarships, internship salary).

How can I apply for a visa? 

After you are accepted into the program you will receive an information package with regards to Visa applications and others.

I have a different degree than mineral processing or extractive metallurgy. Could I apply?

Students should have previous knowledge of mineral processing and extractive metallurgy. Students with related university degrees can apply with minimum BSc, but if a student is accepted need to put extra effort to be successful.
Please note that having taken mathematics in your BSc is compulsory!

Must the document be certified or legalized? What is the difference?

Certification of original documents means original documents issued by the university authorities in English, bearing signatures and stamps of the university.

Legalized documents are necessary only if they are not issued in English by the university. In that case these documents must be legalised by an official public authority in your country or by a Public Notary.

In both cases, a scan of the document needs to be uploaded. If accepted as a PROMISE student, you must bring the original documents and present them at the University of Oulu for completing your registration for the first semester.

Can I upload an academic or work letter of recommendation?

Yes, any of those letters are valid, one is enough and it must be uploaded in the online application.

For accepted students

Could I get funding or a loan before starting my studies and a Finnish ID and bank account?

No, the scholarship is for living expenses and it is paid only when students get a Finnish ID and bank account, so get those immediately after your arrival. Scholarships are paid at the end of the month.

I accepted to be a self-funding student and/or applied as self-funded. Could I get a fund or scholarship from PROMISE universities?

Read on the website the section Scholarships & Fees/Program Fees Self-funded students. You should make a responsible assessment of your financial situation before applying or accepting a student place and also is your responsibility to look for alternative sources of support, such as foundation grants, employer support, or state scholarships.

Please, info us before 05 May if you are not participating.

Do I have to apply for Finnish and Chile visas at the same time?

No, you must apply for 2 years student resident permit (In Finland migration), if your path is Chile you will be given instructions in the 2nd semester to apply for a Chile student visa.

Could I go with my family and what they can do there?

The universities as host institutions are responsible for the topics related to the student and academic aspects. You are responsible to find suitable information if your are traveling with family.

Could I get an insurance certificate as soon as possible?

We have a programmed time to give those, please read the email sent to you