Practicalities for admitted students

University of Oulu – Finland (UOULU)

In order to get a student right and apply for a student visa, accepted students with or without scholarships should apply to the official call in from 3rd to 16th April 2023.

Admitted students must follow the regular procedure of the university. Familiarize yourself with the application and relevant information

  • All students must register as a present for the Autumn Semester. it can be done at faculty study Affairs or online or by filling out the form at
  • Students must be registered for the four semesters in UOulu (pay union and student healthcare fees)
  • Student union fee payment:
  • Student healthcare fee:
  • Things to do before arriving
  • Hosing (links for alternatives to find accommodation in Oulu):

Montanuniversität Leoben – Austria (MUL)

  • In order to obtain the diploma from MUL, you have to be registered here all four semesters. Registration at MUL will be online, no physical presentation of your documents is required. You will be contacted by email.
  • You need to pay the students’ union membership fee (approx. 20 € per semester) every semester – also when doing a module away from Leoben.
  • The student visa you needed to come to Finland covers your time in Austria as well.
  • For finding accommodation, the International Relations Office will assist you. You need not search for yourself in advance.

University of Zagreb – Croatia (UNIZG)

Universidad Federico Santa Maria – Chile (USM)