Associated Partners

We have the collaboration and support of thirty (38) Associated Partners including 22 mining companies, 4, recycling companies, 4 research centres, 5 mining suppliers and 3 universities.

They committed to supporting our students with internship and thesis work.


  3. Agnico Eagle Oy, Finland
  4. Geopyora, Finland
  5. Dragon Mining Oy, Finland
  6. Monolithos, Grece
  7. BioSO4 Oy, Finland
  8. Boliden, Sweden
  9. Copperstone Vicaria AB, Sweden
  10. Timegate Instruments Oy, Finland
  11. Spectra-Media, Croatia
  12. Depos d.o.o., Croatia
  13. Holcim (Hrvatska) d.o.o., Croatia
  14. FLSmidth GmbH, Austria
  15. Karntner Montnindustrie GhmH, Austria
  16. PMT-Jetmil GmbH, Austria
  17. CEMTEC Cement and Mining Technology GmbH, Austria
  18. Zementwerk LEUBE GmbH, Austria
  19. IFE Aufbereitungstechnik GmbH, Austria
  20. Bernegger GmbH, Austria
  21. Omya GmbH, Austria
  22. Binder & Co AG, Austria
  23. RHI Magnesita GmbH, Austria
  24. Corporacion Chilena de Investigacion del Agua, CETAQUA, Chile
  25. Nacional de Pilotaje de TecnologĂ­as para la MinerĂ­a, Chile
  26. Santo Domingo, Chile
  27. Saulo SPA, Chile, No/PIC
  28. Seven Project SPA, Chile, No/PIC


29. Centro de Tecnologia Mineral, Brazil

30. Geologian tutkimuskeskus GTK, Finland


31. Dpto. Ingenieria Geologica y Minera/Universidad Politecnica de Madrid/ E.T.S.I. Minas y Energia, Spain

32. Copper Belt University, Zambia

33. University Catolica del Norte, Chile

New Partners

34. Maelgwyn

35. Helmholtz Institute Freiberg for Resource Technology, German

36. Gumiimpex-GRP d.o.o, Croatia

37. Metis d.d, Croatia

38. IGM Sljuncara Trstenik d.o.o., Croatia

39. IAB Weimar Institute of Applied Construction Research, Germany

Looking to recruit a PROMISE program intern with meaningful responsibilities and the possibility to make an impact??

In the fouth-semester (Jan-July), students should develop a Master Thesis, the research work is based on on-site or lab investigation (usually three months). After the data collection period, students develop the thesis flowing the scientific reach method and supervised and co-supervised by the university and associate partner. Master thesis subjects may be proposed by the industrial partner or professors.

Can associate partners can propose a project topic?

  • Yes, APs can make an impact in supporting a brighter future for our students
  • Promise consortium will send you a list of project options
  • You can submit your own topic by emailing and this will be discussed with a suitable supervisor of the partners’ universities

Can students propose a topic?

Yes, if a company different from the associate partners is able to support your project (internship, access to data, plant, etc.), and your research works with samples and analysis ask a supervisor to register your topic in the nearest PROMISE university.