Program Fees Self-funded students

We welcome applications from those who are able to self-fund our PROMISE programme fees and costs.

Please make a responsible assessment of your financial situation before applying and also look for alternative sources of support, such as foundation grants, employer support, or state scholarships.

Programme country students

These are students who hold a passport from one of the European Union or EEA countries. They pay a tuition fee of €6,500 for the entire programme (2 years).

Partner country students

These are students who do not hold a passport from one of the European Union or EEA countries. They pay a tuition fee of €13,000 for the entire programme (2 years).

NOTE: In both cases, the tuition fee covers registration costs at each of the consortium partners, university administration and diploma costs, excursions, lab costs and participation in summer schools.

Required literature, accommodation, travel costs, visa, and residence permit. living expenses, personal computers, student union and local social security, and other study-related costs are NOT included in the above-mentioned tuition fee.

The tuition fee will be paid in two installments to the consortium coordinator (UOULU).

All students receive comprehensive insurance (with the Eramus+ requirements) from the PROMISE consortium.

Students must meet the financing requirements for residence permit application, including:  

  • You must have 6,720 euros in your bank account when you submit the application.
  • You must have 560 euros per month at your disposal.

Suggestions for other funds to finance your studies


United Kingdom (please note some UK based institutions or funders provide scholarships or grants to international students)


North America

South and Latin America


Australia and New Zealand

Below is a list of portals (databases) providing information on scholarships, institutions and funders including sources of private finance: